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Piston Primer Pump HOWO Chassis Water Tanker Fire Truck 10180×2500×3650mm

Piston Primer Pump HOWO Chassis Water Tanker Fire Truck 10180×2500×3650mm

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    water tender fire truck


    fire pumper truck

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Piston Primer Pump HOWO Chassis Water Tanker Fire Truck 10180×2500×3650mm

Piston primer pump HOWO Chassis Water Tanker Fire Truck With Direct Injection Diesel Engine



Fire pump

Model CB10/100-XZ
Flow 90L/s
Pressure 1.0MPa
Water diversion Piston primer pump
Max. vacuum degree ≥85 kPa
Priming time ≤80s


Pedal plate

Location: At the bottom of roller shutter door.

Material: Steel frame covered by aluminum alloy checkered plate

Structure: adopt the gas springs plus shutter fasten, safe and

Reliable, each petal plate bearing ≥150Kg


Dimension (L×W×H) 10180×2500×3650mm
Gross weight 33320kg
Complete vehicle shipping mass 15270kg
Seat (inc. driver) 6
Max. power 276kw



Manufacturer Sinotruk HOWO
Model ZZ5347V4647D5
Drive type 6x4
Cab Flattop four door length
Wheelbase 4600+1350mm
Max. speed 85km/h
Min. turning diameter <22m
Approach angle 16°
Departure angle 12°
Engine type Pressure combustion, in-line six-cylinder, water cooling, inter-cooling, direct injection diesel engine
Model D10.38-40
Max. power 276kw
Max. torque 1560N•m
Emission standard China IV/ Euro IV
Clutch Monolithic, dry
Gearbox model Manual 10forward gear

Equipment tank

Material Q235A high quality steel combine with porous steel
Structure Split type welding structure
Equipment compartment door The light quality aluminum alloy, with shutter doors, lightweight and reliable.
Internal structure the inner frame for the introduction of aluminum lap technology, can maximize space utilization and variability within the equipment, users can request allocation of various sliding bracket, carriage, rotating frame, and high strength plastic storage box and so on, the structure from the space utilization, aesthetic appearance, ease of handling equipment have reached the international advanced level.

Equipment layout principles

1, According to combat programming and combat development design equipment integration

2, According to human body engineering principle design all kinds of equipment frames.

3, According to using logic and frequency of use place equipment

4, 1-2 action can take any equipment standing on the ground or pedal

5, Fixed all equipment with rust-proof, vibration-proof, anti-drop, scratch-proof special clamp.

Pump drive system

Pump drive system YTQ800F sandwich type circulating water cooling
Manufacturer Yangzhong
Drive shaft High balance precision

Piston Primer Pump HOWO Chassis Water Tanker Fire Truck 10180×2500×3650mm 0