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KaiFan Heavy Duty VOLVO Chassis Road Wrecker Truck 8x4 Drive 99 Km/H

KaiFan Heavy Duty VOLVO Chassis Road Wrecker Truck 8x4 Drive 99 Km/H

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KaiFan Heavy Duty VOLVO Chassis Road Wrecker Truck 8x4 Drive 99 Km/H

99 km/h max speed KaiFan Heavy-duty H Series VOLVO chassis Road                                Wrecker 3 person 8x4 drive

1. Working Range
KFM5442TQZ Road wrecker is used for safety salvage of vehicles subject to city road, suburb way, highway, airport and bridge road. It is suitable for medium and small-sized cargos, cars and other special vehicles, which are allowed within the technical parameters of this kind
,Main Parameters

Items Unit Value
Lifting Structure Rated Lifting weight kg 13765
Max. Lifting weight of original place kg 18000
Max. Lifting weight of full extension boom kg 8000
Rated towing weight kg 44000
Max. Designed towing weight kg 60000
Effective length of boom mm 3350
Extension traveling of boom mm 1700
Folding angle of boom ° 90
Under lift Structure Max. Rated hanging weight kg 25000
The height from hook to the ground mm 13430
Max. Extension traveling of lifting boom mm 6000
Rotation angle ° 360
Numbers of winch piece 2
Rated pulling power of winch kg 2×15000
Dia. Of steel cable mm 22.4
Length of steel cable m 40
Min. Speed of steel cable m/min 4
Rotation angle ° 65


External dimension mm 10741×2500×3366
Chassis model   FM400 84RB
Drive   8×4
Axle base mm 1995+4405+1370
The whole weight of empty load kg 30040
Load of front axle of empty load kg 14380
Load of rear axle of empty load kg 15660
The whole weight of full load kg 44000
Load of front axle of full load kg 9000/9000
Load of rear axle of full load kg 13000/13000
Wheel base (front/rear axle) mm 2019/1834
Front suspension mm 1362
Rear suspension mm 935
Approach angle º 16.6
Departure angle º 20
Min. Turning diameter m 24.6
Min. Ground clearance mm 306
Max. Speed km/h 99
Grade ability % 30
Gas consumption per one hundred miles(diesel oil) L 35.4
Engine model - D13
Engine emission L 12.8
Rated power kw/r/min 400/294/1400~1800
Torque n·m/r/min 2000/1050~1400
Fuel type   Diesel
Standard of emission   EN III
Tire size   315/80R22.5
Persons   3


3,Standard Equipments

1. VOLVO FM400 84RB

2. Main boom structure assembly

3. Vice boom assembly

4. Hanging hook assembly

5. Control structure assembly

6. Chain wheel and hanging assembly

7. Winch assembly (include winch clutch, impaction device)

8. Steel body assembly

9. Tool box assembly

10. Light stands assembly

11. Alarm device

12. Hydraulic system

13. Hydraulic system over voltage protection device

14. Electric system

15. PTO Warner

16. Combination lamps

17. Hydraulic duel rear outrigger assembly

18. Lifting assembly

19. Y wheel lift

20. Steel wire rope

21. Output of electronic device

22. Standard spare tire

23. Safety chains

24. Vulnerable parts attachment

KaiFan Heavy Duty VOLVO Chassis Road Wrecker Truck 8x4 Drive 99 Km/H 0