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Displacement 2780ml 15MPa 300L Water Tanker Fire Truck

Displacement 2780ml 15MPa 300L Water Tanker Fire Truck

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    300L Water Tanker Fire Truck


    15MPa Water Tanker Fire Truck


    2780ml Water Tanker Fire Truck

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Displacement 2780ml 15MPa 300L Water Tanker Fire Truck

Water Mist Fire Vehicle PickUp Rescue Fire Truck 300L Fix Water Tank 30m Hose Reel



High pressure water mist fire fighting unit:



Flow rate:15L/min

Electric system

  • Long alarm lamp on the top of the vehicle
  • Other alarm lights in accordance with GA39.5-92 electrical system requirements


Bright red:body

Overall technical requirements

All operating switch instrument equipment and vehicles have the name plate & logo compliance with Requirements

The vehicle performance in accordance with GB7956 Fire performance requirements and test methods for vehicle

Foam tank in accordance with GA39.5-92 Foam fire truck technical conditions

The vehicle appearance is nice, flatness in accordance with GA39.5-92 ”Foam fire truck technical conditions”

All the parts are welded firmly, Grind after weld.

Key component structure and technical performance parameter

⑵ Engine  
Engine model: Commins ISF2.8s4161P
Engine type: 4 cylinders, pressuring air intercool, EGR+DOC
Max. power rotate speed (rpm): 3600
Max. torque rotate speed (rpm): 1800-3000
Max. HP: 161
Displacement mL: 2780
Cylinders: 4
Gears: 5
Fuel type: Diesel
Emission standard: China 4
Tyre type: 245/70R16
Structure Original cab
Seat 1+1+3
Equipment operation board, siren
(4)Storage compartment  
Manufacturer Shanghai Jindun
Material aluminium alloy
Structure The inner frame is made of aluminium alloy, and checkered plate
Inner structure Maximize the space utilization and variability
Seal Mechanical seal
Water tank  
Steel-made tank capacity 300L
Storage apartment overall 1500X1500X1050mm


Layout principle of equipment

According to combat programming and combat development design equipment integration

According to human body engineering principle design of all kinds of equipment frames

According to using logic and frequency of equipment

1-2 action can take any equipment standing on the ground or pedal

Fixed all equipment with rust-proof,vibration-proof, anti-drop, scratch-proof special clamp.

Displacement 2780ml 15MPa 300L Water Tanker Fire Truck 0