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Long Range Inspection Uav Fire Fighting With Gas Analyzer

Long Range Inspection Uav Fire Fighting With Gas Analyzer

  • High Light

    10m/s Cruise drones fighting fires


    Gas Analyzer uav fire fighting


    Long Range Inspection uav fire fighting

  • Motor Wheelbase
  • Overall Dimension
  • Blade Size
    Pitch: 21x7 Inch
  • Capacity
    25000 Mah
  • Drone Weight
  • Max Take-off Weight
  • Standard Take-off Weight
    34 Kg
  • Positioning Mode
  • Movement Mode
  • Cruise Mode
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 UNIT
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
    2 MONTHS
  • Supply Ability

Long Range Inspection Uav Fire Fighting With Gas Analyzer

Multi-Purpose Gas Analyzer Firefighting Drones Ultra Long Range Inspection



Size: 250 mmx250mmx120mm

Weight (bare machine) : < 1.4kg

Camera brand: sony-a-5100

Number of cameras: 5

Camera total pixel: > 120 million

Sensor size: 23.5mmx15.6mm

Image resolution: 6000x4000

Pixel size: 3.9 microns

Minimum exposure interval: 0.8s

Shutter speed range: 30-1/4000s

ISO: 100~1600

Lens focal length: fixed focus 20mm

Support for changing prime lens: optional 16mm/20mm/35mm prime lens

Storage capacity: 320 gb

Exposure mode: servo trigger exposure, shutter trigger exposure, timing exposure (timing exposure includes free start, servo start)

Chip loss processing: built-in chip loss processing function, no complicated photo screening is needed when processing POS data. The POS data is equipped with the photo taking status of each camera (exposed or unexposed).

Photo reading: one USB interface can read the data of 5 cameras uniformly, no need to insert and pull out TF card

Power supply: unified power supply of uav or external battery power supply

Service temperature: -10℃~60℃

Parameter setting: the camera can be configured for exposure mode, timing mode, shutter mode, servo pulse width, POS file time, loss detection and other functions

POS export: the ability to export tilted internal POS with one key via a USB cable

POS record: built-in GPS can record POS geographic information

POS verification: software based on GIS platform and exported POS data can load it and perform display verification

One key operation

The software supports one key copy of 5 camera data to the PC

Software support 5 camera data one-click delete function

Software supports one key to exit 5 USB storage devices

The software can generate SMART3D project excel files with one click according to the downloaded POS data and image location, so as to improve the working efficiency of in-industry processing

Aerial tools

Software support tilt photography tools, according to the overlap rate to calculate the line spacing, speed, accuracy and other parameters

3d model preview

Software based on GIS platform can achieve OSGB format 3d model display

Function: provide uav with night lighting and night patrol, and realize all-weather flight operation of uav.

Technical parameters:

1. Power: 40W

2. Working voltage: 15v-36v

3. Lumen brightness: 4500Lm

4. Light intensity: 28000cd

5. Irradiation distance: 800m

6. Size: 120*120*230mm

7. Weight: 700g

8. Bulb: hernia lamp

Product advantages:

1, aluminum magnesium alloy material heat dissipation, light weight

2. Hernia bulb is adopted with low power and high brightness

3, easy to install and use, four installation holes fixed, power on

4. Strong module independence and wide application scope

Long Range Inspection Uav Fire Fighting With Gas Analyzer 0