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Small size light Foam Tanker Fire Trucks with 30L/S DN65 Pump

Small size light Foam Tanker Fire Trucks with 30L/S DN65 Pump

  • High Light

    7m Suction Foam Fire Truck


    30L/S Foam Fire Truck


    DN65 pump Foam Fire Truck

  • Dimension
    6870X2240X3040 Mm
  • G.V.W
    10000 Kg
  • Seat (inc. Driver)
    1 + 1 + 3
  • Max. Power
  • Drive Type
    4x2 Drive
  • Max. Speed
  • Water Capacity
  • Foam Capacity
  • Product Name
    Light Foam Fire Engines
  • Chassis Brand
  • Place of Origin
    Shanghai, China
  • Brand Name
    ISUZU ( customizable )
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    exporting standard package or customized packing
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    1000 units per year

Small size light Foam Tanker Fire Trucks with 30L/S DN65 Pump

Shanghai  Small size light Foam Tanker Fire Trucks with 30L/S DN65 Pump1.0MPa low pressure




JDX5100GXFPM35/B foam fire truck adopts QL11009KARY ISUZU chassis, USA HALE AP32 fire pump, USA AKRON 3430 fire monitor and other fire-fighting equipment. It is usually used by public security fire brigades in large and medium cities, petrochemical companies and airports and other professional fire brigade.


The vehicle has the features of a good structure and reasonable layout, easy operation and maintenance.



Name FoamFire Truck
Model JDX5100GXFPM35/B
Chassis Brand ISUZU
Chassis Model QL11009KARY
Engine power 139KW (190HP)
4X2 Drive, Double Cabin
Overall 6870X2240X3040mm
Gross weight 9900kg
Number of Seats 5 (inc. driver)
Extinguishant Water (L) 2350
Foam (L) 1150
Fire pump Type CB10/30-XZ
Pressure (Mpa) 1.0
Rate (L/s) 30
Fire Monitor Type PL24~48
Rate(L/s) 24
Throw Range(m) Water ≥ 45, Foam ≥40


Vehicle introduction

The M35/W5 foam fire truck is equipped with fire equipment such as CB10/30 fire pump and water/foam gun (interface).

1,Whole vehicle

1.1 Fire extinguishing agent capacity(L): water:2320,Foam:1065

1.2 Crew member: 3

1.3 PTO Broken Shaft (Pneumatic Control)

2,Crew room

3.1 Structure: Carbon steel skeleton, mask is bonded to LF2 aluminum alloy plate.

3.2 Seat setting: 3 seats. There are three air breathing apparatus racks at the backrest.

3,Pump and piping system

3.1 water pump

3.1.1 Manufacturer: China

3.1.2 Model: CB10/30 type

3.1.3 Pressure / flow: 1.0MPa / 30L / s

3.1.4 Water diverter: Type: Piston vacuum pump Maximum vacuum: ≥85 kPa Suction: 7 m Water diversion time: ≤35s

3.1.5 Foam Proportion Mixer Model: PH48

3.2 piping system

3.2.1 Inlet: There is a Φ100mm suction port at the rear of the pump room. A water inlet with a Φ100mm manual butterfly valve for connection to the water tank.

3.2.2 Water injection port: There is one Φ80mm tank water inlet on each side of the pump room. A pump with a DN65 manual ball valve at the rear of the tank is filled into the tank.

3.2.3 Water outlet: There is one Φ80mm water outlet with ball valve on each side of the pump room, and one DN80 gun line is set behind the tank.

3.2.4 Residual water pipeline: In order to protect the water pump and each ball valve, a residual water ball valve is installed in the pipeline.

3.2.5 Cooling water piping: In order to protect the normal operation of the power take-off, additional cooling devices are provided in the pipeline.

3.2.6 External suction line: G1 1/2" manual ball valve and KY40 tube interface are used.

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