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Flattop Forward Type Cab Foam Fire Truck 8x4 Drive

Flattop Forward Type Cab Foam Fire Truck 8x4 Drive

  • High Light

    8x4 Drive Foam Fire Truck


    Forward Type Cab Foam Fire Truck


    Flattop Foam Fire Truck

  • Dimension
  • Gross Weight
  • Seat (inc. Driver)
  • Max. Power
  • Drive Type
  • Max. Speed
  • Capacity
    Water 16000L
  • Foam
  • Place of Origin
    shanghai China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 unit
  • Price
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Flattop Forward Type Cab Foam Fire Truck 8x4 Drive

Flattop Metal Forward Type Cab Foam Fire Fighting Trucks 8x4 Drive Type


Dash board and on-board equipment

Cab PTO gear switch

Pump room

Function switch lighting, water outlet, water injection, liquid outlet, monitor shot
Dash board Pressure gauge, Water gauge, vacuum gauge, content gauge, tachometer

Electrical system

The main lights in the cab at the top of the long row of lights, configure the 100W alarm control system; a strobe lights installed on both sides and the middle of each compartment (two red and blue)



Red paint: cab, body (shutter doors, except decorative strip)

Other: according to customers requirements


Onboard document

  1. Vehicle operation and maintenance manual
  2. Chassis operating manual
  3. Chassis operation and maintenance manual
  4. Chassis quality warranty card
  5. Chassis certificate, vehicle certificate, 3C logo
  6. Engine code copy
  7. Chassis code copy
  8. Onboard equipment list
  9. Follow-up service card
  10. Hand-over list

Onboard equipments

1 Suction hose 150×2000mm 4 Snap-type
2 Fire hose 65mm×20m 6 Snap-type
3 Fire hose 80mm×20m 6 Snap-type
4 Water filter 1 Snap-type
5 Delivery bead FFS80 1 three-way wye Snap-type
6 Collecting breeching FJ150 1 Snap-type
7 Increaser KJ65/80 2 80 turn 65
8 Increaser 4 80 male and 65 male turn
9 Suction coupling 1 DN150 snap-type to DN100 screw type
10 Suction wrench FS150 2  
11 Hose bandage FP470 4  
12 Hose strap FG600 2  
13 Pillar hydrant wrench FB450 1  
14 Underground hydrant wrench FBX800 1  
15 Air foam gun PQ8 2  
16 hydraulic monitor QZG3.5/7.5 2 snap-type
17 Crowbar CT1 1  
18 Spade 2# 1  
19 Fire axe GFJ817 1  
20 Foam wrench 2  
21 Foam hose 1 DN50


Equipment layout principles

1, According to combat programming and combat development design

equipment integration

2, According to human body engineering principle design all kinds of equipment frames.

3, According to using logic and frequency of use place equipment

4, 1-2 action can take any equipment standing on the ground or pedal

5, Fixed all equipment with rust-proof, vibration-proof, anti-drop, scratch-proof special clamp


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