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2018 Brazil safety EXPO

November 5, 2018


Brazil is located in the southeast of South America. It is the largest country in Central and South America and the largest economic power in Latin America. With the rapid increase of fire and labor insurance imports in Central and South American countries in recent years, it has attracted the attention of major manufacturers of safety protection equipment in the world. In the past two years, the central and South American fire products market has seen rapid growth and has reached a fairly high level.


In particular, Brazil, Argentina and other countries have greatly increased their imports of fire extinguishers and fire alarms: Brazil's imports of fire and labor insurance products have shown a rapid upward trend in the past two years; Chile's imports of fire and labor insurance products have increased by 50%, which will be more impressive in the long term in the future! The total number of major fire and labour protection products imported from developed countries is nearly US $100 million.

In view of this, the International Department dispatched two capable officers to Brazil to attend the Brazil international fire show. This exhibition is the largest and most influential professional fire fighting equipment and safety protection exhibition in South America. It is held every two years in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is currently the first place in South America to display fire-fighting equipment and safety insurance. This exhibition will be the most powerful springboard for gold shield products to enter the central and South American market.


It is reported that the exhibition attracted many countries around the world, such as Chile, Columbia and Paraguay. At the same time, there are also Miren from Santa Cruz, Brazil, as well as partners of Magilus, and other strong competitors. To this end, the Ministry of International has formulated meticulous measures to highlight the unique features of Jindun products and present high-grade products to exhibitors through diversified display modes. During the exhibition, many visitors consulted the staff of the International Department, and the staff of the International Department answered them one by one. The International Department will continue to follow up.