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2018 Indonesia Jakarta international safety exhibition

November 6, 2018

As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is one of the members of ASEAN and G20, and will soon become the sixth member of the BRICS Summit. Indonesia has a population of 230 million, including more than 20,000 overseas Chinese. It is the fourth largest country in the world with a huge market potential. In recent years, the political stability of the country has been good for Chinese friends, and the market has shown great prosperity and vitality. With the rapid growth of Indonesia's economy and population, there is a strong demand for fire fighting equipment in factories, commercial buildings, public facilities, oil and gas fields, airports, ports and other places.


The 2018 Indonesian security exhibition will last for three days, and the main venue will be located in Jakarta, the capital of the country. During the exhibition, we received visitors from all over the world. For potential customers, the International Department adopted a detailed introduction, issued a sample book, and exchanged business cards to fully understand the products of Golden Shield, which greatly enhanced the popularity of Jindun in Indonesia.


During the exhibition, the international department also received the inspectors from the Jakarta fire department. Manager Howard carefully introduced and communicated with them. Director General of Jakarta Fire Administration praised Jindun's products and showed great interest. On the spot, he expressed support and encouragement for Jindun to introduce high-quality and low-cost fire fighting equipment into the Indonesian market.


After the exhibition, we visited several fire truck manufacturers located in Jakarta. Through in-depth inspections and extensive exchanges on the ground, we have gained a better understanding of the Indonesian fire truck market. Indonesian fire truck manufacturers are generally small in scale, and the modified equipment is relatively backward, and the types of products are relatively small. They are at a relatively backward level in the field of fire equipment production. Through research, the International Department quickly identified two main products in combination with Indonesia's national conditions and market demand, and recommended these products to various manufacturers.

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