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2019 Dubai Intersec safety EXPO

March 12, 2019


In January 2019, Shanghai JINDUN went to Dubai thousands of miles away to participate in the first international safety EXPO of this year: Intersec Dubai International Safety EXPO. Intersec Dubai International Safety EXPO is sponsored by Frankfurt Exhibition Company. After 19 years of development, it has undoubtedly become the largest comprehensive safety protection equipment and supplies exhibition in the Middle East. Its exhibits cover the main products in the field of fire and safety.

    Through the pre-exhibition inspections and exhibitions, we learned that the construction industry in the Middle East is developing rapidly, and its market demand value accounts for 19% of local GDP (about US$26.073 billion). The demand for fire protection and safety products is also The development of the construction industry has grown rapidly. It can be seen that such a market with high demand, high returns and high stability is a valuable opportunity for Jinudun's international business. Seizing this opportunity will open the door for the Middle East market for Jindun.


      During the exhibition, we met several leaders from NAFFCO, Dubai's largest firefighting equipment company, and they were also the largest exhibitors at the show. After the show, we went to NAFFCO's company and one of the leaders to discuss the cooperation this year. It can be seen that NAFFCO is very interested in our products. However, it is far from enough to make enterprises interested. In the later stage, we will continue to follow up, fully understand each other's needs, expand business ideas, improve working methods, and strive for NAFFCO's cooperation projects, with excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service. Prove that our Golden Shield is capable of becoming a supplier to NAFFCO.